Gesa Industry succeed on the market as components manufacturer for the realization and finishing of interiors in the railway industry sector.

The flexible and technologically advanced production methods have led the Company towards a rapid and structured growth process, able to provide ready to use interiors: they take care of design and construction as well as assembly and after-sales service.


In 2018, it has started a project that makes possible MEGRAIL ITALIA SRL and MEGRAIL MOROCCO SARL (both partecipated at 34%) to use the following collateral micro-business: spare parts sales, logistic service, on-board systems upgrading, refurbishment/overhaul during major maintenance work.


The company works in high standards of UNI EN ISO9001:2015 certificate and its welding process is qualified in accordance with UNI EN 15085:2008 “Railway application – Welding of railway vehicles and components”.

It is also certified to perform welding activities according to the CL 2 class –  EN 15085-2.

Main Features

High quality standard customer oriented, adherence to terms of delivery, flexibility and dynamic production, technical know-how from the aerospace sector, financial health, familiar involvement, credibility of relations with stakeholders.


Our full integrative company produces interiors for industrial sector and furnishes a ready to use product through a solid, efficient and effective process.

In Gesa Industry we choose the best material for the development of our work.


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With the acquisition of the brand “Ansaldo Trasporti”, Gesa Industry has started a new path of growth and lays the foundations for new forms of international success in the railway industry.


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Gesa Industry has been able to support the important and decisive progress of the railway sector thanks to the continuous research for materials, the careful study of the passenger’s needs, the use of innovative production and control technologies and meeting the market demands and stands as partner of the most international railway brand.

The company evolution has brought Gesa Industry to an important reengineering of business processes: new work flows, planning and development, engineering of production systems and enlargement of the operating seats.

We are a company made of people, ideas, intuitions and passions but also made of studies and design skills, that are the basis for a solid, secure, innovative and technological structure.

We have a financial strength ready to support important development programs. We settle for nothing but excellence.

Gennaro Di Sarno (CEO Founder)

The driver of our success is identified in the development, the research, the innovation and the propensity to change. Adopt Advanced Manufacturing technologies means greatly increase differentiation capabilities and competitiveness in addition to optimizing our production success.

GESA Industry has strengthened its enterprise spirit by acquiring the historical brand “Ansaldo Trasporti”, that allows it to operate with greater control on new project planning and implementation in the hauled stock sector.

The acquisition of the new brand is the beginning of a new challenge for Gesa Industry who prepares to achieve new growth targets.

The internationalization of new production processes and technological design launches Gesa Industry in a new operating and technological scene, with advanced, interconnected and modular systems of production, that allow flexibility and performance for the leadership of their target on the market.

The success of Gesa Industry is identified in the development, innovation research and in propensity to change to maximize the production and design utility.

The Gesa Industry’s staff is at your disposal for every need. For any information or request for a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us, by filling out the form below.

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We constantly operate to control and identify new technologies and to contribute in exploratory project, investing in advanced infrastructure and technologies.

Team Work

We’ve developed an organizational model and workflow that values people and promotes shared responsibility. Our training, being transversal to the business process, promote future development projects.


We believe in encountering and deep collaboration with our partners: our projects and products are the result of a job that evolves in the grow path with our Customers.

Culture of values

The family-run but also managerial business is the model that describes our identity: a powerful tool that promotes the company’s health and production quality.




Environmental sustainability is one of the principles behind the Gesa Industry’s business objectives, which puts at the center of every project the care and the attention to the environment, to ensure a quality product and a better future for our Customers.

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