Origin and evolution of hyperloop railway technology

Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop made headlines around the world in November 2020 after the first tests with passengers were conducted. But what are the foundations of this innovative means of transport? Let’s trace the most important moments in its evolution. 18th and 19th centuries: precursor projects of the hyperloop Musk’s idea of building a superfast…

Europe’s most scenic rail journeys

From the Scottish Highlands to Serbia to Montenegro, the European rail network is full of breathtaking routes. In this article we list some of the most scenic train routes. People usually consider train travel a necessity to get around. What most of them don’t know is that Europe has some of the most beautiful train…

Revamping trains return to service of EAV

The renewed trains of the circumvesuviana of EAV are back in service, thanks to the revamping of the interiors made by Gesa Industry.

The company has been able to provide a correct interpretation of the project and perform a careful research of materials to carry out a production of high quality standard.