Gesa Industry

At the age of 26, Giovanni di Sarno creates Di Sarno Srl, that was born in 1987 in the historic factory building of Gesa Srl, to product aeronautical parts. The business developed and in 1997 gives birth to Aeromar Srl.

In 2002 the A-Technology Spa rose, expanding the business to railway sector and the two sons of Giovanni di Sarno were included in the interiors production.

The exclusive specialization in the railway division starts in 2009, year of birth of Gesa Industry Srl, which over the years has been able to accompany all the important progress in the railway sector, acting as partner of the most important international brand of the railway sector.

In 2018 the strategic partnership with SBF srl, specialized in railway vehicles planning, has contributed in the decision to prepare a dedicated business plan to the complete design of the railway sector.

The company reengineering leads to an organizational intervention of deep operational procedures review and in 2019 signs the agreement with Ansaldo Breda for the acquisition of the brand “Ansaldo Trasporti”.

This was a maneuver that allows her to acquire new and important interior projects in her own production and to aim for new international scenario as a unique player.

The strategic partner of the train manufacturers.

The strategic partner of train manufacturers


Our full integrative company produces interiors for industrial sector and furnishes a ready to use product through a solid, efficient and effective process.

With the acquisition of the brand “Ansaldo Trasporti”, Gesa Industry has started a new path of growth and lays the foundations for new forms of international success in the railway industry.


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